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Will you do your part to take a stand against child homelessness and all those less fortunate?We humbly request your support. All donations in any amount are sincerely useful in our cause & most appreciated!No Cash, No Problem, Send Donations via Mail to:Eye of A Child
6650 W. State St
#D264 Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Zelle: [email protected]
All funds + proceeds are used to purchase sustainable gifts, books, as well as other everyday living necessities.

Meet The Visionary!

Meet Peyton-CEO & FounderYour regular everyday 11 year old who had a vision at the tender age of 7 to help those less fortunate and educate others on the importance of child homelessness. Through hard work and perseverance she was able to team up with her parents and other supporters to launch her non profit organization "Eye Of A Child".As the organization grew, Peyton began to make a connection between (il)literacy and the relentless cycle of homelessness and poverty. Peyton then launched a reading program "Smile While Reading," and she is dedicated to ensuring youth facing any adversity have access to resources to help them be successful, strong, and confident readers. Peyton's love for reading took flight at just 2 1/2 years old, and she has been an avid reader ever since! Her favorite genre is historical fiction.Childhood homelessness and poverty are on the rise and considered a growing epidemic.These circumstances devastate many children locally and on a global scale. With the growth of childhood poverty, it is up to us the "Change-Makers" to keep these children feeling safe and grounded in tumultuous times.Eye of a Child and its core members are dedicated advocates in the wake of this crisis.Join Peyton in her philanthropic movement!

Eye Of A Child

Celebrating All Children | One Day at a time.

Eye Of A Child Established by Children for Children, 2019.

Programs & Events

ProgramSmile While Reading (Recognized Nationally!!)Students of all ages from schools, organizations, and/or youth groups, participate in small group instruction through an intensive reading program geared at helping them gain strides and excel in reading. Educators/Literacy Advocates facilitate the program, all of who have specialized training in Instructional Strategies, High Intensity Reading Skills, as well as Social/Emotional Learning. Students will learn what reading requires, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary,
comprehension, as well as building positive relationships with reading.
EventsEye Of A Child hosts 3 fundraisers a year!1. Birthday Donation Celebration (Spring)
Instead of having her birthday party surrounded by only her friends and family, Peyton decided to make new friends at various homeless shelters in her local community and empower these children to share this day as a collective celebration.
Her goal is to keep children smiling and having fun during a time of mass uncertainty. All gifts and monies Peyton collects from her birthday are donated to the homeless shelters.
2. Backpack & School Supply Drive (Summer)
With strict budgets combined with a lack of resources, many children are not prepared to begin school due to multiple variables. Peyton collects new school supplies and new backpacks from several sponsors. She then sorts the supplies and prepares each bag with its specific necessities per grade. Once the bags are assembled, Peyton herself hand delivers each backpack so that she can personally see to it that every student starts the school year on a positive note. To date Peyton has donated over 700 backpacks!
3. Toy Drive (Fall/Winter)
As the holidays come up quicker than we expect, Peyton understands that just having safe shelter is a gift in itself. However, she also understands that this concept can be a lot to digest for a child when society has normalized gifts as something tangible. During the holidays Peyton receives various gifts from sponsors based on wish list from those less fortunate, many residing in shelters and/or throughout the inner city. Peyton separates the gifts by age, and once again hand delivers them to youth and young adults. To date, combined with her birthday celebration collections, Peyton has donated over 1500 gifts!

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Interested in programming? Know youths in need? Want to host a birthday party for someone less fortunate? Reach out to us for more ways to get involved!
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